Heater Elements

Heater Elements

Primary thing about element selection is the style / KW / connection

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This is the most common style hot tub heater element on the market.

Used in many spa control system brands including Gecko, Balboa, Spa Builders, HydroQuip and many more.

Our Hot Tub Heater Elements are Made in the USA

Heater Elements used in spas with elements that can be replaced. Many styles of elements can be removed from the spa heater housing and can be replaced without replacing the complete heater assembly

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Flow Thru Element, 2.0kW, Generic, 7-1/4", 230v, Loop
Product ID : 25-4020
Flow Thru Element, 4.0kW, Generic, 10", 115v/230v
Product ID : 25-4041-BI
Flow Thru Element, 5.5kW, 230v, 10", Middle Terminal
Product ID : 624552M
Flow Thru Element, 4.0kW, Gen, 9-3/4", 115v/230v, Mid Terminal
Product ID : 25-41411L
Element Flo Thru Loop 1.5KW 120V 8.5"(fits HQ Bath Heater)
Product ID : 70-20115
Element 5.5KW Flo Thru
Product ID : 47-555-2070
Element 4.0kW Flo Thru,10"(M7 Replacement)
Product ID : 47-555-2075
Element,Flo Thru, Teflon Coated 5.5KW 240V 10.5"
Product ID : 47-555-2510
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Tefel Element Loop 1.0KW 120v 7-1/8"
Product ID : 70-20110-te
EP Element Flo Thru Univ 4.0KW 240V 10.5"
Product ID : 70-20638
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Tefel Element Flo Thru Univ 4.0KW 10"
Product ID : 624409C
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Flow Thru Element, 5.5kW, Generic, 10", 115v/230v, Titanium
Product ID : 12-0100F-K
Element Flo Thru, 5.5KW 240V, Titanium
Product ID : 25-4034-titan
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Titanium Flo-Thru 4kw Spa Heater Element 120-240v
Product ID : 25-4041-TITAN
Element,5.5KW,(For 46-355-1580)(2 Req`d)
Product ID : 12-0006
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EP Element Flo Thru Univ 5.5KW 240V 10.5"
Product ID : 70-20655
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Tefel Element Flo Thru Univ 5.5KW 240v 10.5"
Product ID : 70-20655-te
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Element, Sundance High Flo 5.5KW 220V
Product ID : 25-24042