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A tutorial of the jets. To help you identify the correct jet for your spa.


Understanding Jet Internal Descriptions

The following should be used as a guide to understanding the type of jet you are looking for. While there are many differences between jet types, this guide should be very helpful in determining almost any type of jet you are searching for.

Many of the old style jets, however, may be classified in different ways. Therefore we have placed them in their own section to help avoid confusion. Unique and nonstandard jets, such as clam jets and waterfalls, can be found in the miscellaneous section.



The smallest of all jets, they usually consist of the ‘ozone’ or ‘cluster’ jets and measure anywhere from 2”-2.5” across the face.


While there are no exact measurements on these jets, they are normally about 3” across the face.


The next size up from mini’s, poly jets average 3.5” across their face.


Power storm jets measure 5” across the face.


Cyclone jets measure between 5” and 5 1/4” across the face.

Jumbo Jets:

These are usually among the largest and most powerful jets in the spa. This category consists of jets such as Master Massage, Jumbo, and Monster and while their size may vary, most usually measure at least 7” to 7 _” across the face.

Large Face vs. Standard:

Large face variations of jets are about 1” - 1_” larger that the standard version across the face but the function is the same.



Directional: Center section can be moved/positioned to point in a particular direction. Usually consists of one port in center of jet.

Center section of jet freely rotates and cannot be set to one specific direction. Usually consists of one port in center of jet.


Usually consists of a center section with at least 2 holes. The section spins freely when water pressure is applied, with each hole alternating the water between and ‘on’ and ‘off’ position in quick succession. The center may also consist of a straight ‘bar’ running the length of the middle portion of the face that spins when water pressure is applied.


Jet face usually consists of many smaller holes that divide the water into different individual streams. Very large multi-massage jets, usually positioned in the foot well area of the spa, are called Master Massage jets.


These jets usually do not contain any type of visible nozzle and in most instances cannot be adjusted (on/off) in any way. They basically consist of an open center section that the water flows through.

5 Scallop/Smooth/Textured:

The abbreviation ‘w/SS’ denotes a stainless steel trim piece on the jet. If a trim piece can be sold separately, the option will be listed as ‘SS trim’ under the jet description.

While not all jets contain these descriptions, it is important to note this to ensure you are getting the proper jet. Smooth indicates a smooth finish on the jet face (textured is the exact opposite), and ‘5 Scallop’ indicated the face of the jet contains about 5 indention's, or ‘finger holds’ spread evenly across the face.

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