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You can reduce the need for chemical spa sanitizers by using our high-output CD (corona discharge) Ozone Generator or the UV Ozone Generators. Ozone, used for decades in water sanitization systems, eliminates impurities and micro-organisms in water. DEL Ozone features UV and Corona Discharge ozonators for use on residential spas. The SpaEclipse is DEL Ozone's first Corona Discharge ozone generator for residential spas. Please note: We recommend that the Ozone unit be install as high as possible in the spa with a loop at or above the water line. Also make sure the CHECK VALVE is good and in the correct possition of air/ozone flow otherwise water WILL get into the ozone unit a ruin the unit. I will NOT be covered for repair or replacement as a unit failure.
SpaEclipse Corona Discharge Replacement Chip(All Models)
Product ID : 5-0561
UPS350 120V Ultra Pure Spa Ozonator 4-Pin Amp
Product ID : 1006520
EUV3 120/240V Ultra Pure Spa Ozonator 4-Pin,60Hz
Product ID : 1106523
UPS350 240V Ultrapure Spa Ozonator 4-Pin Amp
Product ID : 1006521
Ozonator, BWG, CD Cartridge, 115v, Amp Cord
Product ID : 54451
Ozonator, DEL SpaEclipse Gen 2, CD, 115v/230v, AMP Cord
Product ID : ECS-1RPAM2-U
EUV3 Universal Spa Ozonator,120V/240V/60Hz,230V/50Hz
Product ID : 1106524
Ozonator, DEL MCD-50, 115v, w/Parts Bag, AMP Cord
Product ID : MCD-50RPAM2